Monday, October 03, 2005

Within 15 minutes, the media had already constructed a narrative around Bush's Supreme Court nominee, Harriet Miers. The buzz word being used to describe her was that she was "shy."

I am sorry, but I can't imagine how a woman who has climbed to the highest ranks of power in mostly male dominated worlds could be shy. You might say she is deferential or achieves her goals by being soft-spoken, but shy? Yeah right.

Have no doubt that "shy" was a term leaked by the Bush White House to the press corps. First, they don't want her to come across as an aggressive, uppity broad in the tradition of Hillary Clinton. But more important, "shy" makes it seem like she's not especially political, she does her job, and does it well.

Again though, does anyone imagine that someone who serves as White House counsel, especially in this administration, is not at her core a political animal (a political beast would be more like it)? She may not be an ideologue, but rest assured, she is as manipulative, conniving, and ultimately as much as a political hack as anyone else in politics nowadays. And have no doubt that when she wants something, she is in no way shy about getting it.


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