Thursday, February 03, 2005

Bush's Speech

In an front page article today, the Times calls Bush's State of the Union Address "bold" as if this is a term befitting an analysis piece rather than just spin. Yes, if you are a conservative, you might see it as bold, but anyone who thinks a major overhaul of Social Security that will plunge the federal government into trillions of dollars of additional debt and, at best, add only a few percentage point increase in retirees' benefits is foolish would not use the term bold. They would use the term reckless.

It has always been the objective of the Bush spinmeisters to portray their guy as bold, daring, and revolutionary, when, in fact, the administration is yet again rushing into policies that are poorly thought out, dangerous, and likely disastrous. What's bold about being foolhardy?

While I do think Bush himself believes what he is saying, I believe the people around him see his policies as much more about giving the masses bread and circuses while the rich rape and pillage the government coffers. From the outset, this administration has realized they are ideologically and morally bankrupt and in response recognized the best way of covering this up was to create constant entertainment for the media and masses to feed on. Hence, Social Security as a crisis, on the verge of bankruptcy, and fixing it constitutes a way of saving your children from future indigence. It's all pabulum and propaganda, but it becomes "great drama" in the media that engages the public.

And meanwhile, Iraq burns. Nothing about that colossal failure in judgment and policy will catch up to the administration because we are all busy either proclaiming or refuting the idea that Social Security is going bankrupt.


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